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About Us


We were formed in 1997 as a multi-sports club primarily to engage young people into physical activity. It was with the hope that this service would give children in Newham and Redbridge the opportunity to take part in organised sports. 

Since the formation of the club it has worked with over 3000 members from all cultures and diverse backgrounds. In addition to producing good citizens the club also nurtured multiple coaches who would later be employed by professional clubs, such as "West Ham United" and "Leyton Orient". Many of the former young members are now teachers and lecturers in educational institutes. Apart from the opportunities that the club has created in East London the club has also created sports programs in India, specifically aimed at children within orphanages. 

Lotus Sports is now primarily focused on promoting boxing in Redbridge and are fortunate to acquire professional boxing facilities at Fort Galaxy Gym. We not only hope to provide a safe learning environment for all that wish to learn but also support those that wish to take the next step to competitive stage.  Our organisation has a vast amount of experience and are able to guide athletes to fulfil their full potential. 

Lotus Sports would like express our sincere gratitude to "The Jack Petchey Foundation", who have helped support our young people since 2007.

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